Holle 有機奶粉最後召集 !!

由於原材料成本上漲, Holle 有機奶粉及米糊將於6月1日正式加價.

請各位媽媽快d check下存貨, 於5月31日前訂貨, 仍可享有會員舊價優惠, 每5盒還加送Vitamont 有機萍果汁1包 (價值HK$15), 多買多送, 送完即止!

Holle 有機奶粉1號 HK$98/盒 HK$960/10盒 (Expiry Date: 30/6/12)
(新價HK$112/盒, HK$1090/10盒)  
Holle 有機奶粉2號 HK$130/盒 HK$1270/10盒 (Expiry Date: 30/4/12)
(新價HK$148/盒, HK$1420/10盒)  
Holle 有機奶粉3號 HK$130/盒 HK$1270/10盒 (Expiry Date: 30/6/12)
(新價HK$139/盒, HK$1330/10盒)  
Holle 有機羊奶粉 HK$195/盒 HK$1900/10盒 (Expiry Date: 30/5/12)
(新價HK$195/盒, HK$1930/10盒)  

1.     登入 www.organicmama.com.hk 選擇產品後, 可立即於網上以Visa / Master / Alipay 付款
2.     電郵至 marketing@organicmama.com.hk
3.     直接致電給我們 – 25751688 / 31794623

#訂購後, 將安排於6月10曰前送貨
# 快d將咁著數嘅優惠Share出去比朋友啦!!

Last Call for Holle Organic Formula!!

Due to the rise of material cost, the price of Holle Organic Formula and Porridage will be raised from 1/6/11.

Member can still enjoy the Special discount price for order placed before 31/5/2011. And additional 1 pc of Vitamont Organic Apple juice (HK $15) will be free for every purchase of 5 boxes.

Holle Organic Formula 1 HK$98/box HK$960/10 boxes (Expiry Date: 30/6/12)
(New Price HK$112/box, HK$1090/10 boxes)  
Holle Organic Formula 2 HK$130/box HK$1270/10 boxes (Expiry Date: 30/4/12)
(New Price HK$148/box, HK$1420/10 boxes)  
Holle Organic Formula 3  HK$130/box HK$1270/10 boxes (Expiry Date: 30/6/12)
(New Price HK$139/box, HK$1330/10 boxes)  
Holle Organic Goat Milk HK$195/box HK$1900/10 boxes (Expiry Date: 30/5/12)
(New Price HK$195/box, HK$1930/10 boxes)  

Order Method:
1.     Simple go to www.organicmama.com.hk , after finished shopping, you can pay by credit card online directly.
2.    Send Email to marketing@organicmama.com.hk
3.    Call our customer hotline – 25751688 / 31794623

#Delivery will be arranged before 10/6/11.
#Share this special offer to your friends immediately!

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