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Non-Chlorine Bleach

Orange House

Non-Chlorine Bleach
Product No: HC147


Made from 100% Natural Food Grade Orange oil


  • Natural food grade orange oil, fragrance with the new mild cleaning power
  • No fluorescent agent, no chemical fragrance and pigment, wash without leaving chemical poison
  • Chlorine-free, phosphate-free, non-fluorescent agent; skin safety, breathing, non-toxic
  • Nascent oxygen bleach sterilization, prevent clothing dull effectively
  • New formula with added "deep-clean factor", greater cleansing power!
  • Natural food grade orange oil, effective cleansing, antibacterial mite residue
  • Oxygen bleach, skin safety, breathing non-toxic, gentle white
Ingredients :

Natural food grade orange oil, sodium percarbonate (oxygen-based bleaching agent)

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 450g
Weight 0.70kg
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Price $49.00

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