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Yam noodles (Thick)

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Yam noodles (Thick)
Product No: 20906


Since the surface quality in Yangmingshan yam rub, eat every bite of nutrition and flavor by yam!


  • Produced in the quiet outskirts of Taipei, climate, fertile soil of Yangming Mountain, high-quality growing environment and organic farming methods to grow, trade and fine chemicals
  • Yam contains polysaccharide protein components phlegmatic, digestive enzymes and other ingredients, their nutritional tonic play features yam
  • Yam with spleen and stomach, kidney gas, run fur, beauty, strengthening the immune system and other effects
  • Smooth taste, no preservatives, natural tasting nutritious and tasty
Ingredients :

high-gluten flour, Yangmingshan Chinese yam, water, salt

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 250g
Weight 0.26kg
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