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Organic Mother's Tea

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Traditional Medicinal

Organic Mother's Tea
Product No: 130703


100% organic ingredients increase breast milk supply!
European traditional herbal formula with anise, fennel, fenugreek and blessed thistle etc.


  • Anise, fennel, fenugreek and blessed thistle etc are used by traditional European women back from more than a century ago
  • Nursing tea can promote breast milk secretion to provides nutrition for infants, also to regulate water balance
  • Natural taste, healthy and beneficial
  • NO cafferine, artifical colour, preservative and flavor


Ingredients :

Organic bitter fennel fruit, Organic anise fruit, Organic coriander fruit, Organic fenugreek seed, Organic blessed thistle herb, Organic spearmint leaf, Organic West Indian lemongrass leaf, Organic lemon verbena leaf, Organic marshmallow root

Suitable for

All breast-feeding mothers


1 tea bag in 8 oz boiled water and steep for 10 minutes.
3 - 5 bags a day, better taste with honey.

Made in USA
Net weight 16 tea bags
Weight 0.20kg
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