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Omega-3 Pet

Nordic Natural

Omega-3 Pet
Product No: X001


100% natural & pure Norwegian fish oil!
High concentration of EPA & DHA to promote health of animal’s heart and its joint!

Specials :

  • Promote cardiovascular health
  • Promote brain development and good vision
  • Increase elasticity in cell membranes to enhance immunity
  • Maintain joint health, anti-inflammatory
  • Maintain healthy skin and shiny hair
  • No artificial flavors

*All Nordic Naturals'oils adhere to stringent NMS and EPS for purity and freshness. They are regularly tested by third-party laboratories for over 210 toxins and contain no detectable heavy metals, pesticides, dioxins or PCBs.
*Nordic Naturals was ranked No.1 in Norway for highest concentration, freshness and purity. 2008 U.S. Fish Oil Report

Ingredients :

Pure Norwegian fish oil

Suitable for

Cats, dogs (esp. over-weight)


1 tablet for every 20 pounds of body weight

Made in Norway
Net weight 90 tablets
Weight 0.15kg
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Price $245.00

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