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Organic Peeled Soya Milk
Product No: 20105


Outer skin and embryo are removed to ensure no crude fiber, suitable for gouty patient!


  • Protein (9 kinds of essential amino acids), lecithin, isoflavone, unsaturated fatty acid (Omega -3,6), soy saponins, fiber, vitamin (A, B1, B2, B6, folic acid, C, E) & minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, zinc)
  • Rich in Isoflavone
  • Plenty of Lecithin 
  • Soy saponins: antioxidant & boost up immunity
  • Used of peeled soy, reduce gastric gas and purine


Ingredients :

Organic peeled soybeans, Organic embryos oats, Soy lecithin

Suitable for

- People who allergic to dairy milk, baby over 1 years old, adult
- over-weight, vegetarian etc.
*Free of dairy milk, lactose, GMO, trans-fat, cholesterol, preservative, artificial colours and flavors

Made in USA
Net weight 850g
Weight 1.00kg
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Price $220.00

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