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Organic Millet
Product No: 10324


Millet is known as “King of grains” that is rich in protein, Vit. B complex & iron to boost up immune system! & Gluten free!


  • Provide vitamins, minerals, protein & fiber
  • Organic millet known as “King of grains”, is rich in vitamins B, E, dietary fiber, Organic selenium, calcium, iron
  • Rich in cellulose, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin B, Mineral
  • Contain 8 kinds of essential amino acids including methionine and tryptophan
  • Nutrition of millet is similar to wheat but gluten free, suitable for people who are allergic to wheat


Ingredients :

Organic millet

Suitable for

* No genetically modified ingredients, without preservatives, no artificial coloring and flavoring

Made in Hungary
Net weight 500g
Weight 0.60kg
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