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Professional Brightening Mask


Professional Brightening Mask
Product No: RJ001


Professional skincare collections
Inspired by the nature, universe of beauty and well-being


  • Brightening, skin renew, anti-aging, nourishing, detoxifying
  • 6 key ingredients:
    Nano Glabridin: whitening, antioxidant
    Cell Polysaccharide immune activator: improve skin immunity, renew skin cell
    Mulberry root extract: renew damaged cell, transport nutritents to skin cell
    Mentha longifolia: soften the skin, anti-inflammatory, balance of water and skin oil
    Desalinated sea aqua: moisturizing
    Anhydrous HA: moisturizing
  • Nano N283 paper mask, allow key ingredients to be optimally absorbed
  • Use of Bemlise paper mask, great fit for skin
Ingredients :

Nano Glabridin, Cell Polysaccharide immune activator, Mulberry root extract:, Mentha longifolia, Desalinated sea aqua, Anhydrous HA


Apply for 15-20 mins

Made in USA
Net weight 25ml * 6ps
Weight 0.35kg
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Price $328.00

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