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Natural gluten free egg replacer


Natural gluten free egg replacer
Product No: 161419


For people who are sensitive to eggs, natural gluten free egg replacer can replace eggs and equal to 66 eggs for Baking, Fillings, Batter, Custards!


  • No cholesterol, no lactose, no egg or animal derived ingredients and gluten free, suitable for people who are sensitive to eggs.
  • It functions as a binder and thickener in much the same way as eggs do.
  • Can be used in biscuits, pancakes, cakes, waffles and egg free mayonnaise.
  • No added sugar, dairy free, egg free and soy Free
  • For 1 whole egg, add 1 teaspoon of ORGRAN No Egg to 2 tablespoons water.


Ingredients :

Potato Starch, topiaca flour, vegetable gum (stabiliser) : methylcellulose, calcium carbonate, citric acid

Suitable for

All, especially suitable for people who are sensitive to eggs

*No added sugar, non-genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, no artificial coloring and flavoring

Made in Australia
Net weight 200g
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