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Organic Follow-on Formula 2(6-12 months)

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Organic Follow-on Formula 2(6-12 months)
Product No: 90202


The largest brand in Germany with over 75 years of history. 100 % organic ingredients. It provides your babies the purest and the most nutritious food! Suitable for babies 6-12 months.


  • From cows fed with organic grass and fodder, cows are not treated with rBST(Recombinant bovine somatotropin), antibiotics, chemical fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Holle cow milk is made of superior ingredients without gluten, amylum, sugar, GMO.
  • Holle cow milk formula is very similar to breast milk, especially the proportion of protein. According to European regulation, natural vitamins and minerals are added to suit the need of babies' growth.
  • Organic frozen squeezed vegetable oils are added in the Holle cow milk according to the European infant regulation. It provides high quality Omega 3, 6 fatty acid(DHA/EPA/AA/GLA) , and support cerebral and sight's cell growth.
Ingredients :

skim milk, whey protein, low molecular polysaccharides, vegetable oils (coleseed oil, sunflower oil) , corn starch, vitamins (A, C, D, E), minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper, etc.)

Suitable for

Infants 6-12 months
*Free of GMO, preservative, artificial colour and flavor

Made in Germany
Net weight 600g
Weight 1.20kg
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Price $198.00

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