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ArcticPure Krill Oil
Product No: K020


100% Pure krill oil !
Highly concentrated omega-3 and EPA, promote cardiovascular health!

Specials :

  • This product may assist in stabilizing blood pressure / blood lipids / cholesterol
  • Keeping joint health
  • Support cardiovascular and circulatory health
  • Support nerves system health and prevent from visual degeneration
  • Increase cell membrane flexibility & proper immune function


Ingredients :

Pure krill oil

Suitable for

adult, elderly, people who concern joint & skin health, over-weight etc.
This product is suitable for people concerned about blood sugar / blood pressure / blood lipids/cholesterol


2 softgels daily with a meal, or in accordance with medical professionals

Made in USA
Net weight 60 softgels
Weight 0.20kg
Get Point(s) 9
Price $380.00

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