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Organix Raspberry & banana Museli

Organic Certificate:


Organix Raspberry & banana Museli
Product No: 92329


Made of organic ingredients including wheat flour and rice flour


  • Made from grain, contains extra vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre etc. Its special decomposition processing increases its absorbability
  • Banana and raspberry are naturally sweet so will help to gently expand your baby's palate with a natural fruity taste
  • Rich in vitamin B1, to meet baby growth


  • No added sugar, salt, additives


Ingredients :

Wholegrain oat flakes, Banana flakes, Wholegrain oat flour, Puffed wholegrain rice flour, Freeze dried raspberry pieces, Vitamin B1

Suitable for

From 10 months

Made in UK
Net weight 200g
Weight 0.40kg
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