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Estroven Maximum Strength

Amerifit Nutrition

Estroven Maximum Strength
Product No: G031


Using natural ingredients to improve women's menopausal discomforts!

Specials :  

  • Black Cohosh can relieve menopausal illnesses including hot flashes, heart palpitations, anxiety, tetchy, insomnia, instable emotion and sweaty
  • Soy Isoflavones is extracted from non-GM soy
  • Herbal ingredients to calm the nerves, tension, stress, irritability
  • Rich multi nutrients and minerals to supplement nutritional needs
Ingredients :

black cohosh root, soy Isoflavones, natural herbal mixtures etc.

Suitable for

Menopausal Women

Made in USA
Net weight 30 capsules
Weight 0.08kg
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Price $380.00
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