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Honey Pops Sooths Cough

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Honey Pops Sooths Cough
Product No: 162606


Natural special blend, safely and effectively to relieve respiratory and throat discomforts!

Specials :

  • Relieve the symptoms includes sore throat, hoarseness and dry cough
  • Lollipop in shape and honey flavoured attacts children
  • Suck the lozenges but not chew to abosrb effectively
  • 100% Free of gluten, drugs or alcohol
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • All natural ingredients, NO preservatives, side effect and not cause drowsy


Ingredients :

Caramel color, corn syrup, honey, natural flavor, sucrose, water

Suitable for

over 3 years old and Adult


Give one honey pop every 2-4 hours, and use only when symptoms exist

Made in USA
Net weight 10 pops
Weight 0.10kg
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