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E.A Mask

Air Mask (Blue / Red)
Product No: B078


 Pass in the WHO test, anti-influenza and bacteria, worldwide sales of more than 40 million, essential items for school and work!

Specials :

  • Pass in the safety test by WHO, award A1 standards, absolute safe for using
  • By releasing of a very small amount of chlorine dioxide ClO2 (0.017ppm, only 20% of international standards ), who suppress the bacteria in the air, the effective area up to one meter
  • ClO2 break down proteins on the bacteria surface, making it impossible to copy and reproduction and die, broken the bacteria adhesion to attach on the body
  • Convenient, just wear it in the collar, bags, handbags, baby carriages, can also be placed in any place with ador such as toilets, wardrobe, etc.
  • Suitable for people with weak immune system such as children, the elderly, or who regularly contact with bacteria
  • Effective up to a month after open
  • 2 choices in colour (Blue / Red)
Ingredients :


Suitable for

  All, especially children, elderly and people with poor immunity


Wear in the clothes, bags, handbags, baby carriages, etc., can also be put in place with odor

Made in Japan
Net weight 27g
Weight 0.30kg
Price $58.00

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