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Calendula Itching package


Calendula Itching package
Product No: BC102



Natural herbal ingredients for eczema and sensitive skin!



  • Bath soak, anti-inflammatory and reduce itchy
  • Natural Chinese medicine ingredients contain arigold, goldenrod ocean, wormwood, dandelion etc. 
  • Deep soothing sensitive skin, eczema, heat rash sweat stain, crack hard, dry itchy scalp, hair scalp allergy sufferers
  • Inhibit bacteria and fungi, eliminating dermatitis, relieve swelling and stop itchiness
  • Moisturizing skin, increase skin elasticity


Ingredients :

Calendula, chamomile, wormwood, dandelion, myrrh, Angelica, white ringworm etc. 

Suitable for

All, especially for eczema


Boiling the bag for 2 minutes, then pour into a bath or container,  added about 5L of water per package, adjusted to 37-42 degrees as the ideal temperature, soak 20-35 minutes

Made in Hong Kong
Net weight 15g X 4包
Weight 0.08kg
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