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Premium Epsom Salt

Ultra Epsom

Premium Epsom Salt
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A variety of effects, relieve constipation, reduce pain and muscle spasm, soothe the skin problem!

  • The benefits of Epsom salts have been spreading for centuries, unlike other salts, Epsom salts have the beneficial properties of soothing the body, mind and soul. Including relaxing the nervous system, soothing skin problems, as well as back pain and pain in the limbs, relieve muscle strain, cuts, relieve colds
  • Epsom salts absorb and replenish magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium helps produce 5-hydroxytryptamine, a mood-enhancing chemical in the brain that produces a sense of calm and relaxation. Magnesium ions also help to relax and reduce irritation, by reducing the effects of adrenaline, improving sleep and concentration, and helping muscles and nerves to work properly.
  • By increasing the water in the intestine to achieve the effect of light diarrhea, toxins away (before the oral administration must be in accordance with the doctor's prescription, not overdose)
  • Help regulate the electrolyte in the body, to ensure the normal operation of muscles, nerves and enzymes
  • Three times a week dipping salt bath can help relieve pressure, add 600g Epsom salt in a tank of warm water (about 42 ℃), soak for 15 minutes. 150g olive oil can be added to help the skin moisturizing.
Ingredients :

Epsom salt

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