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Five Ginger Herbal
Product No: BC109


 Natural herbal ingredients for promotion of blood circulation !


  • According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, strict selection of high quality ginger, sand ginger, South ginger, turmeric, black ginger, etc. 
  • Driving the cold, through the meridians, relieve pain, promote blood circulation, improve paralysis of bone pain
  • Sweating, eliminate edema, relieve abdominal cold abdominal pain
  • Inhibition of bacteria and fungi
  • Improve sleep quality


Ingredients :

Old dried ginger, Lycopodium esculenta, Artemisia, Ginger, Southern ginger, Turmeric, Black ginger, Few citrons, Coarse salt, etc., etc

Suitable for

All, especially for people who has menstrual pain, cold hands and feet, insomnia and poor blood circulation


Boiling the bag for 2 minutes, then pour into a bath or container,  added about 5L of water per package, adjusted to 37-42 degrees as the ideal temperature, soak 20-35 minutes

Made in Hong Kong
Net weight 18g X 4包
Weight 0.08kg
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