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Meyer US Natural Angus Short Rib Bone-in Sliced

Natural Beef

Meyer US Natural Angus Short Rib Bone-in Sliced
Product No: MA043


Each cattle can be traced from the pasture to the source and age, all cattle are born in the United States, also raising, production processing, feed with grass, hay, cereals, beans and the United States Midwest corn staple food to form Valley cattle taste!

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  • The cattle are based on Angus cultivars
  • 100% organic beef, no growth hormones and antibiotics
  • Natural feeding methods, no vaccination
  • Meat is tender, juice, non-frozen taste
  • High in protein, but low in fat


Ingredients :

Organic Beef

Suitable for

Whole Family

Made in USA
Net weight 400g
Weight 0.50kg
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