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2 Ways Floor Cleaner

Orange House

2 Ways Floor Cleaner
Product No: HC245


 100% pure natural cold pressed orange oil, easy to wash no residue


  • The bactericidal effect was tested by 99.9%
  • Can be used with dilution or spray on the dirt directly, a bottle can be used more than 70 times
  • Natural cold pressed orange oil gives you fragrant fragrance with a new gentle cleansing force
  • Non-toxic, antibacterial no residue, the baby is absolutely safe
  • Non-petrochemical surfactants and chemical solvents and other toxic ingredients to protect your skin
  • No fluorescent agent, no chemical fragrance and colorants, washed without leaving chemical poisoning
  • Applicable to all kinds of flooring material
Ingredients :

Glucose Source Interfacial Active Agents, Natural Orange Oil

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 200ml
Weight 0.50kg
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Price $49.00
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