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Organic Motherkind Pregnancy Tea

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Organic Motherkind Pregnancy Tea
Product No: 130902


No caffeine, 100% organic planted.
Especially for the second phase (pregnancy 13-24 weeks) and the third phase (25-36 weeks of pregnancy) and set up, carefully care of the needs of pregnancy.


  • Asparagus root can add folic acid, help the healthy growth of the fetus
  • Yang Jin Chrysanthemum and nettle leaves can relieve the body's immune reactions
  • Does not contain caffeine, artificial colors, spices and preservatives
  • Mint leaves help relieve morning sickness
Ingredients :

Raspberry leaf, chamomile flower, nettle leaf, shatavari root, peppermint leaf, sweet fennel seed, orange peel

Suitable for

Mother of pregnancy


Soaked in boiling water for no more than 15 minutes, it is recommended to enjoy no more than 4 cups of tea every day

Made in UK
Net weight 20 tea bags
Weight 0.10kg
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