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Gentle Wash


Gentle Wash
Product No: AC321


Sensitive dry skin is particularly vulnerable to external stimuli, so care needs to start by bathing!


  • Formulated by the hospital pharmacists for the development of dry and sensitive skin, no steroids and western medicine ingredients, based on the unique natural sunflower oil essence, will help deep clean, and the formation of protective film in the skin cells, play moisture, Sensitive and soothing effect
  • Natural sunflower oil extract is more vitamin E and Omega 6 (linoleic acid), help to improve the sensitive, dry and eczema skin
  • Gentle clean, soothing dry and itchy
  • Suitable for dry, itchy, eczema and sensitive skin
  • Low-sensitive formula
  • Can be used to clean the face and body
  • Does not contain preservatives, SLS, MIT, spices, pigments and alcohol
  • Suitable for newborn babies, pregnant women and any age



Ingredients :

Glycerol and natural helianthus annuus oil in a pharmaceutical grade base

Suitable for

All age and skin, esp dried skin, mild eczema, nappy rash, allergic skin, itchy.


The amount of cleansing liquid gently rub the skin, and then rinse with water, flush after the body pat dry.
You can also add the cleanser to the water to mix and play the bath effect.

Made in Australia
Net weight 500ml
Weight 0.70kg
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