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Multipurpose Cleaner

Orange House

Multipurpose Cleaner
Product No: HC265


Made from 100% Natural Cold-pressed Orange oil


  • Natural cold-pressed orange oil fragrance fragrance with the new mild cleaning power
  • For collar and other stubborn dirt
  • Effectively decontamination without demaging the cloth
  • 100% food-grade raw material, free of petrochemical poison
  • No petrochemical surfactant agent with chemical solvents and other toxic ingredients, to protect your skin
  • No fluorescent agent, no chemical fragrance and pigment, wash without leaving chemical poison


Ingredients :

Natural orange oil, coconut oil system surfactant, alcohol


Spray the clothes on the dirty place before wetting. After 10-20 minutes, wash the clothes according to the normal cleaning procedure. It is recommended to use Orange Mania Eco Concentrated Laundry Detergent, clothing mild bleach, cleansing better.

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 480ml
Weight 0.60kg
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Price $75.00
Over 3 Item $67.50/ Item

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