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Organic Pure Essential Oil Peppermint

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Aura Cacia

Organic Pure Essential Oil Peppermint
Product No: R013


 100% pure peppermint oil, can promote digestion, breathing smoothly, relieve itchy, relieve fatigue


  • Relieve the beginning of sore throat
  • Peppemint has a stimulating effect, can make people breathe smoothly, refresh mind
  • Promote blood circulation, relieve headaches
  • Increase appetite, increase the amount of gastric mucosal blood supply, inhibition of gastrointestinal contraction, abdominal distension to improve dyspepsia
  • The refreshing sensation of peppermint can relieveitchy skin
  • Relieve shoulder pain and headache, relieve fatigue
  • Aroma of peppermint can help in nausea, seasickness, nausea, nausea and extreme discomfort, etc.


Ingredients :

100% peppermint oil

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Made in USA
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