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Goat milk based growing up milk (from 1-3 years) 6 Cans

Nanny Care

Goat milk based growing up milk (from 1-3 years) 6 Cans
Product No: 91405A


Nanny Goat Milk are based on the highest quality milk from New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones,
further fortified with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Formulated for 12 months to 3 years


  • Original New Zealand Entry
  • Goat milk base from pasture-fed New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones
  • Readily absorbed medium-chain fatty acids, unique protein profile resulting in smaller, softer curds for easy digestion
  • Fortified with the essential nutrients and nutrients needed for health and growth
  • Good source of calcium for strong bones and teeth
  • Rish in iron to supply the needs of growth and promote synthesis of blood
  • Lower in sodium and saturated fat
  • Free of added maltodextrin, sucrose and glucose syrups
  • Reduced gut permeability due to factors ingoat milk which promote improved gut health
  • Highly recommended for children who are allergic to cow milk because the composition of casein in Goat Milk is alpha-2s (cow milk are alpha-1s). Special designed for infants suffering eczema & allergic rhinitis.


Ingredients :

Pasteurised goat milk (62%), lactose (from milk), vegetable oil(rapeseed and sunflower), vitamin (A、B、C、D、E)、mineral (Calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper) etc.

Suitable for

12 months - 3 years old

Made in New Zealand
Net weight 900g X 6
Weight 9.00kg
Get Point(s) 19
Price $2028.00
Special Price $1860.00

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