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Natural DNA collagen

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Natural DNA collagen
Product No: C038


To promote the skin and bone to be rebuilt regeneration, set beauty and nourishing the effectiveness of bones, so that both inside and outside to keep young!


  • Enhance metabolism                                                         Most of the cells in the body about 120 to 200 days, will be updated once, in this metabolic process, some parts of the metabolic speed is faster, such as skin, hair, bone marrow, nucleic acid can speed up the metabolism, the skin becomes smooth Flexible, less white hair, make people alive
  • Promote blood circulation                                               Since nucleic acid is one of the components of the "adenosine" has a strong peripheral vasodilator, can enhance blood flow
  • Anti-aging, anti-cancer, strong fine                                       Nucleic acid helps repair repaired genes that have been hit by free radicals and are therefore more resistant to antioxidant than vitamin E. In terms of strong fine, aging will make nucleic acid secretion, so that male energy decline, then add nucleic acid can significantly strengthen the energy
  • Promote liver function                                                         Most of the nucleic acids produced by the human body are synthesized by the liver. The body's nucleic acid has been maintained a certain amount, so as long as the intake of nucleic acids from food, you can reduce the burden of liver synthetic nucleic acid
  • Improve the skin, eliminate wrinkles                               With age, the body of nucleic acids will be reduced, which is due to the synthesis of a large number of nucleic acid liver function with aging and decline; when the skin is no longer smooth and delicate, timely replenishment of nucleic acids and antioxidant vitamins, can make the skin from Free radicals and restore the young skin
  • Improve joint flexibility                                                   Reduce muscle pain, supplement the bone needs of calcium and articular cartilage, improve bone and joint health
  • Help the weight loss                                                                 Nucleic acid contains adenylate substances can delay the speed of sugar and fat absorbed by the body; nucleic acid can also activate the body's cell division and cell function, improve basal metabolic rate
Ingredients :

(Glucose), fructose, fenose, yeast extract, cocktail extract, citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), spices, preservatives (sodium benzoate), emulsifier fatty acid sorbitan esters, soybean lecithin, nicotine (Vitamin B12), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), ribulose (vitamin B12), riboflavin hydrochloride ), Thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1), folic acid, etc

Suitable for

All, Specially for skin and bone health

Made in Japan
Net weight 100ml x 3pcs
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