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Organic Chocolate with Orange (60%)
Product No: 120718


Organic dark chocolate with orange. It is a perfect alternative to regular sweets for both kids and adults.

  • Organic and pure ingredients , with no refined sugar, preservatives and artificial colours
  • Contains high antioxidant levels
  •  Antioxidants i.e. vitamin E, flavonol & polyphenols can protect body cells from free radical oxidation. They are good for cardiovascular health and anti aging.
  • The bitterness of cocoa come from theobromine. It can also ease emotional tension and reduce stress 
Ingredients :

Cacao paste (Peru), cane sugar, candied orange peel 12% (icing sugar, sugar, glucose syrup, orange peel, cacao butter, natural orange essence, vanilla beans

Made in Swizerland
Net weight 100g
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