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Necklace with pendant (Summer flower)

Aroma Inspiration

Necklace with pendant (Summer flower)
Product No: HC272


Pendant open, add the cotton with essential oils, anytime, anywhere to enjoy the aromatherapy and essential oils aroma!


  • Comes with 12 different color cotton pieces (recyclable)
  • Add your favorite oils or for different purposes: Lemon / Eucalyptus / Oregano oil helps to enhance immunity, Lavender essential oil helps soothe nerves and helps sleeping. Lemongrass prevents mosquito bites etc.
  • Just add 1-2 drops of essential oil on the cotton piece, and then put into the pendant, until the fragrance dissipated, drop the oil in the cotton piece
  • Can be added perfume, it is recommended to use, for strong fragrance, recommend to dilute first
  • Pendant diameter 2.5cm, length 50cm, made of titanium steel, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant, non-hazardous substances on the human body
  • Extra neck rope $ 20
Ingredients :

Necklace with pendant (Tree of life)

Made in China
Net weight 35g
Weight 0.05kg
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Price $98.00

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