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P50 Ointment


P50 Ointment
Product No: AC319


Hospital-level formula for eczema, dry, itchy and allergic skin, effectively improve skin moisture and strengthen the skin protection barrier, reduce skin irritation, restore damaged skin.


  • Effective improvement: dry, red, irritable and itchy skin
  • Can quickly provide moisturizing, protection
  • Can soften the skin and soothe allergy
  • Hospital selection of non-drug P50 Blend (WSP, LP) ingredients
  • Does not contain steroids and hormones
  • Does not contain preservatives, SLS, MIT, spices, pigments and alcohol
  • Apply to face and body parts
  • Suitable for newborn babies, pregnant women and any age
Ingredients :

P50 Blend (WSP,LP)

Suitable for

All age and skin, esp dried and

Made in Australia
Net weight 80g
Weight 0.10kg
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Price $199.00

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