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Organic Soapberry Heavy Duty Detergent


Organic Soapberry Heavy Duty Detergent
Product No: HC281


100% natural, easy to rinse without residue !


  • Vegan
  • No fragrance
  • Contains no enzyme ingredients
  • No genetic modification materials
  • No fluorescer and preservative
  • Phosphorus-free benzene
  • Anti-allergy (for infants), Daab German Association for Allergy and Asthma Prevention and Recognition
  • Passive skin test, biodegradable


Ingredients :

Sapindus extract, plant soap (organic cultivation), oxygen bleach, plant surfactant (from sugar and coconut oil), polyaspartate sodium salt (plant moisturizer), baking soda, citric acid, foam Alkali, rice starch, sodium citrate, bleach activator, zeolite (ore)


  以每機4.5公斤衣物計算, 此產品可用20次

Made in Germany
Net weight 1.l kg
Weight 1.50kg
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