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PSmart Sight and Sound Projector

Project Nursery

PSmart Sight and Sound Projector
Product No: HC278


Use a pre-installed natural sound to soothe your baby, or play from a Bluetooth device to stimulate learning through the fascinating images and shapes projected onto the ceiling or wall of the nursery.


  • White noise is the use of nature's voice to help increase concentration, help sleep, relax
  • Pre-installed lullaby (Bram Lullaby/Blinking Little Star) makes your baby sleep
  • Bluetooth-compatible smartphone or tablet to play music or audio bedtime stories
  • Help your baby sleep with relax white noise
  • Natural sounds (waves/rain/forest/heartbeat) create a calm environment
  • Night lights with multiple brightness settings, with time system for adjustment


Suitable for

All ages

Made in China
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Price $288.00

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