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Organic Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil

Aura Cacia

Organic Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil
Product No: R008


100% Pure Organic Eucalyptus Oil improve problems of respiratory system such as allergic rhinitis symptoms, nasal congestion, common cold, influenza & trachea problems etc

Specials :

  • Drop Eucalyptus oil into the hot water and inhale its steam. It can improve the respiratory sickness
  • Increase oxygen in red blood cells and strengthen β and γ-globulin antibodies to improve immunity
  • A few drops into massage oil can increase oxygen inside your skin to improve skin colour, acne, insect bites
  • Add 5-10 drops into water during bath time can improve muscle aches, fatigue, disinfection and enhance immunity
Ingredients :

Organic Eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus) oil

Suitable for

All, esp common cold, nasal congestion and muscle soreness & fatigue

Made in Australia
Net weight 7.4ml
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