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Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops

Ocean Choice

Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops
Product No: MA082


Natural wild sea scallop, can be served as sashimi or cooked food, super sweet !!

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  • Frozen and quality of the ship - After fishing at sea, using the advanced freezing equipment on board, the IQF is frozen to lock the natural flavor of the belt. The treatment process is only 45 minutes, and the taste of the belt is never lost.
  • 100% natural wild fishing - non-aquaculture, no chemical addition, no preservatives
  • Ocean Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification - Standards for seafood traceability in international sustainable development fisheries and wild fisheries
  • Scallop is rich in protein, phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B12, with low fat and cholesterol level
  • Sashimi series which can be directly consumed after thawing, taste really good
Ingredients :

Wild Atlantic Sea Scallop

Suitable for



As Sashimi or cooking

Made in Canada
Net weight 1kg
Weight 1.00kg
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Price $384.00
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