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Dish Wash (For Baby) Refill

Orange House

Dish Wash (For Baby) Refill
Product No: HC297


Made by 100% pure natural cold pressed orange oil, passed the allergy test, low foam and easy to rinse without residue!


  • Using non-sulfate surfactant, easy to rinse after wash
  • P.C.W plant net factor and cold pressed orange oil composition
  • Pass in the US testing institute PCR hypoallergenic test by the American pediatrician professional verification
  • less foam, non-sticky formulation, easy to rinse, no harmful chemical (surfactant) residue after cleaning.
  • Contains no fragrance, natural orange fragrance, safely clean baby bottle, fruits and vegetables
  • Fluorescent-free, no dye, methanol, nonylphenol, plasticizer, heavy metal (arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium) residues
Ingredients :

Polyoxyethylene sorbitol monolaurate, orange oil, sodium chloride

Made in Taiwan
Net weight 430ml
Weight 0.70kg
Price $55.00

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