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Gluten-free Non-allergen Rice cookie (Coconut)


Gluten-free Non-allergen Rice cookie (Coconut)
Product No: 56501


A fun product made with natural gluten free ingredients


  • Use rice flour instead of wheat, milk and eggs. Allergic substances (specific raw materials etc.) are cookies that are not used in 27 items.
  • Gluten free.
  • Long-term storage of 5 years is possible. Use aluminum vapor deposition bag and oxygen scavenger. Storage at normal temperature is possible.
  • Aim for environmentally friendly products. The amount of waste is significantly reduced compared to cans.
  • Crisp and crispy texture with a taste for the mouth. Used rice flour and coconut from Niigata prefecture.
  • Japanese disaster food certification
    acquisition products.
  • Halal certified products.
Ingredients :

Rice flour (from Niigata Prefecture), rice shortening (rice oil), sugar, sweetened coconut puree, almond poodle, fermented seasoning (rice, salt), coconut fine

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Made in Japan
Net weight 48 g
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