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Dehydrator - Series5 Tray


Dehydrator - Series5 Tray
Product No: HC006


Only 1 in the world using Papallex technology, to completely dry food but retain the whole enzymes and nutrition!
Create your own dried fruits & baby food!

  • With hot air to replace the sunshine to take away water from food and combine with temperature change control technology (45 - 70 ℃) that can self-adjust to the appropriate temperature to avoid wet in the middle but dry on the surface
  • Temperature used is much lower than cooking and baking, so enzyme and nutrition can be stored, this making easier to digest and to absorb.
  • Various choices, e.g. dried fruit (such as pineapple, pitaya, pericarp, jam etc.), dried vegetables (such as cabbage, tomato, pepper, herb, etc.), dried meat (such as shrimp, oyster, beef etc.), dried nuts (such as walnut, flaxseed cake, etc.), bread, baby food (cereal, fruit juice candy, etc.) and pet food, etc.
  • Create your own taste that no where can buy. Also, Chlorophyll can still be retained due to not exposed under ultraviolet radiation
  • Best guarantee because it is your own production, without worrying chemical composition and preservatives
  • Dehydrator online teaching and recipes video
  • Cook book is available for people who are just starting out or for Seasoned Drying Enthusiasts who want more ideas and recipes



Cut washed food into 1-2cm thick slices, place on laminate and adjust heat and time, then food can be automatically dried For food e.g. seafood, fruit (become soft sweets after dry) etc., it should be placed on non-stick paper (non-stick paper $ 120 each )

Made in USA
Dimensions 8.5H x 17W x 19D (inches)
Guarantee period 1 Year
Get Point(s) 98
Price $3900.00

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