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XP-180 Blastolyn

XP-180 Blastolyn
Product No: B008


Joint research conducted by two universities in Hong Kong and other overseas universities and authorities have found the new dawn of the treatment of cancer through probiotics

Special :  


  • The study found that probiotics have significant positive effects on: digestive problems, skin, constipation, liver function, arteriosclerosis, and suppression of the reproduction of cancer cells
  • XP-180 Blastolyn, the ground-breaking anti-cancer elements, is extracted from more than 180 types of beneficial bacteria that proved to be anti-cancer, studies have shown that each of the bacteria has unique function against cancers
  • Joint research conducted by : Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Cancer Research Center, Department of Biology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Biological Research Center, Department of Biochemistry, University of Ferrara, Italy
  • International Naturopathic Cancer Research Center
  • Inhibition rate of cancer cell by XP-180 Blastolyn is 80-100%, and can efficiently prevent cancer recurrence and can reduce cancer pain
  • XP-180 Blastolyn can reduce Superoxide Anion to prevent free radicals from harming normal cells. Effects are anti-aging, immunity enhancement, rejuvenation, detoxification etc.
  • No side effects and drug resistance found from XP-180 Blastolyn
  • Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre Test Code: HC 172946
Ingredients :

XP180 Blastolyn, Spirulina essence, mineral water


Suitable for

cancer patients, also people who suffered from poor immunity, gastric ulcer, Helicobacter pylori, gastrointestinal problems

Made in Hong Kong
Net weight 120ml x 7 bottles
Weight 1.15kg
Price $1960.00

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