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Royal Jelly Plus 5 In 1
Product No: G003


Our multi-functional royal jelly helps you in anti-aging, anti-bacterial, relieving menstrual discomforts and improving menopausal disorters

Specials :  

  • 10-Hydroxy-decenoic acid is found only in royal jelly with strong abilities to enhance immunity, anti-bacterial
  • Fight against aging not only with royal jelly but also with extra virgin avocado oil to rejuvenate your skin
  • Relief from menstrual pain and improvement of menopausal disorders
  • Improves sleep, appetite, metabolism function, hematopoietic function and liver health.
  • Good nutritional supplement and improve joint health, aging diseases etc.
  • 3 healthy choices in 1 product: royal jelly, pure shea butter, lecithin
Ingredients :

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, Organic Royal Jelly, Lecithin

Suitable for

All except who have honey allergy

Made in New Zealand
Net weight 365 capsules
Weight 0.80kg
Get Point(s) 22
Price $880.00

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