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100% Pure Psyllium Husk
Product No: K002


100% Psyllium Husk
Detoxification & Keep Fit!

Specials :

  • Abundant of soluble fibers
  • Abundant of insoluble fibers which help in intestinal cleansing & remove
  • accumulated excrement.
  • This product may assist in stabilizing blood sugar
  • Used as meal substitute
  • Improve skin condition by removing acne and freckles
  • 3 times per day can provide daily fiber needs

1st stage (1-2 weeks) 2nd stage (3-12 weeks) 3rd stage (12 weeks or more)
- Large amount of excrement
(black & smelly)

- More energetic


- Removal of the remaining toxins
(feces is golden
brown color)

- Beginning of blood detoxification


- Intestinal cleansing
(improve health)

- Increase immunity/TD>

Ingredients :

100% Pure Psyllium Husk


Suitable for

urea acid, obesity, constipation, high toxins in body
This product is suitable for people concerned about blood lipids / blood sugar


1-3 times daily. Mix 1 spoons of Psyllium Husk with 240cc of lukewarm water or other beverages e.g. juice, honey. Take before meal. Then drink 240ml water after finish the Psyllium Husk. For better result, drink within 5 minutes after mixing.

Made in USA
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