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Organic Certificate:


Organic All-purpose Cleaner (Lemon)
Product No: BC033


Made with Patented Antimicrobial cleansing agents!
Made with Organic ingredients, can use for cleansing Baby Room & Toys!

Specials :

  • Kills Odor causing Bacteria
  • Prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria.
  • It removes mold, mildew, grease & grime.
  • It's non-toxic, non-volatile and not tested on animals!
  • Independently Tested - Works Great.
  • Do not contain carcinogenic / allergic substances: 1,4-Dioxane, Methanal, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Sulfate/SLS, DEA, Petroleum, harsh chemicals, perfumes, chlorine, alcohol,dyes, glutan, milk, oat and soy etc.


Ingredients :

Citric Acid, L-Malic Acid, Organic Soybean Oil, Organic Fragrance, Organic Acetic Acid, Organic Soap Bark, Organic Glycerin, Water

Made in USA
Net weight 32oz
Weight 1.00kg
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