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Hypoallergenic Formula Infant Milk (6 cans)
Product No: 91301A


For infants with a family history of allergies

Specials :

  • Proteins are 100% hydrolyzed with extremely small molecular weight making them easy to digest
  • Ratio of Casein to Soluble Proteins of 40/60, very close to breast milk and maintaining an optimal protein nutritional balance
  • Enriched vitamin A, E and Biotin. 
  • Adjusted Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium to boost immune syste
  • Added DHA, ERA to fight allergy


Ingredients :

Lactose, malto-dextrins, vegetable fats, lactic protrin hydrolysate, emulsifer, citric acid est of mono-diglycerides from fatty acids, mineral salts, etc

Suitable for

Suitable for infant from 0-1 year old

Made in France
Net weight 400g x 6
Weight 4.80kg
Get Point(s) 10
Price $990.00

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