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Follow-on Milk Formula 2 (6 cans)
Product No: 91302A


Suitable for infants from birth。 It provides your babies the most nutritious food!

Specials :

  • Half-way between breast milk and cow’s milk
  • Ratio of Casein to Soluble Proteins of 53/47
  • Contain GOS/FOS to maintain a healthy flora
  • Increased casein to increase the feeling of satiation


Ingredients :

Skimmed milk, demineralized whey, vegetable fat, malto-dextrins, glucose syrup , dietary fibers (2%), galacto-oligosaccharides, etc.

Suitable for

from 7-12 months

Made in France
Net weight 900g x 6
Weight 7.20kg
Get Point(s) 14
Price $1350.00

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