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Herbal Color Shampoo (Mocha)

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Herbal Color Shampoo (Mocha)
Product No: HC102


Herbal Formula without ammonia. Dyeing while washing hair!

  • Take only 10 minutes to wash and dye at the same time
  • Contain traditional Chinese medicine prescription such as ginseng, impatiens, root of angelica
  • With plant extracts such as jojoba oil and olive oil to moisturize the scalp and hair
  • Free of amonia to avoid scalp and hair damage, safe and healthy!
  • Natural Mocha colour
Ingredients :

Ginseng extract, Impatiens extract, angelica extract, jojoba oil, olive oil, purified water etc.

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Made in Taiwan
Net weight 20ml x 3 packs
Weight 0.10kg
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Price $98.00

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