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"Pi" Active Water Shower Filter Catridge
Product No: HC033


Effectively filter chlorine, rust, heavy metal
Easy to install! Heat endurance 80℃ without affecting flowing rate!

Water through urban water supply system usually contains chemicals like heavy metal. While chlorine and chloramines in the water contact those chemicals, a carcinogen called THMs is formed. Chloroform is one of those THMs. 


  • 3 layer filter system: Calcium Sulfite CaSo3 from Japan, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF Media 55) from USA, EC 8888 Far Infrared-Ray (FIR) Energy Beads from Japan.
  • Converts chlorine into a harmless substance, remove chlorine out of the water, chlorine could damage skin and cause dried skin and dried hair
  • Chlorine in water and other artificial additive would convert into dangerous steam during the shower causing stimulation to trachea, paranasal sinus and lung. During 10 minutes of shower, people absorb 100 times more of chlorine than drinking 3 litres of water containing chlorine. 
  • Effectively removes heavy metal, rust, pollutants and inhibit bacteria reproduction.
  • Capacity of filtering more than 25,000 litres of water. Normal filter can only filter 10,000 litres only. & Its heat endurance is 80℃!
  • Simple installation and filter replacement, only monthly backwash to increase the lifespan of filter.
  • Break up water molecules into smaller water molecules to promote better hydration
Made in Taiwan
Get Point(s) 7
Price $290.00

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