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Goat Milk Nutrition

Nanny Care

Goat Milk Nutrition
Product No: 91401


Nanny Goat Milk are based on the highest quality milk from New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones,
further fortified with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.


  • Original New Zealand entry 
  • Goat milk base from pasture-fed New Zealand goats raised without stimulants and hormones
  • Readily absorbed medium-chain fatty acids, unique protein profile resulting in smaller, softer curds for easy digestion
  • Fortified with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for health and growth
  • Free of added maltodextrin, sucrose and glucose syrups
  • Reduced gut permeability due to factors ingoat milk which promote improved gut health
  • Highly recommended for children who are allergic to cow milk because the composition of casein in Goat Milk is alpha-2s (cow milk are alpha-1s). Special designed for infants suffering eczema and allergic rhinitis.
Ingredients :

Pasteurised goat milk (46%), vegetable oil( canola and sunflower), vitamin (A、C、D、E)、mineral (Calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper) etc.

Suitable for

0-1 years old

Made in New Zealand
Net weight 900g
Weight 1.20kg
Get Point(s) 3
Price $338.00

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