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Bob's Red Mill Instant Rolled Oats

Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill Instant Rolled Oats
Product No: 11402


Natural instant rolled oats, rich in soluble fiber!


  • Dietary fiber in oatmeal contains more fiber content can help to increase gastrointestinal motility feeling full stomach, as meal replacement
  • Instant oats, no need to cook, easy and convenient
  • Rich in fiber
Ingredients :

100% natural oats

Suitable for

All ages, people,vegetarian
*American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommend consuming 60-70g (around 7 tbsp) oat meal per day in order to promote heart health
*Without contain nuts, soy, GMO, added sugar, cholesterol, preservative, artificial colours and flavors.

Made in USA
Net weight 2lbs
Weight 0.93kg
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