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BioScan based on the theory of Vibration Energy Medicine. With million of data bits of oscillations mimic the frequencies of medicine, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, health supplements, virus etc., these millions of vibration data were input into human body to create Vibration Matching. Together with the advancement of computer technology, BioScan is designed to accurately calculate and to measure the body discomfort and Pathological Oscillation by fast & precise calculation.


The process in the generation of Chronic diseases: Electron inside cell (can be detected by BioScan) -> Proton inside cell -> Cell -> Tissue (can be detected by blood test) -> Organ -> Disease

Normally, it takes around 5-7 years for the generation of chronic diseases and the case may become serious when detected. For example, tumor can be detected until it grows up to 1cm. BioScan is able to pre-screen different discomfort, deficiency and dysfunction inside cell. Therefore, prevention strategies can be taken in the early stages.


BioScan can detect items:

◦Deficiency of Vitamins, minerals, enzymes

◦Heart, Blood Vessel & Circulation


◦Liver & Gallbladder



◦Allergies(food / skin)




◦Body fat distribution

◦Radiation & Toxins

◦Heavy Metals

◦Spine, muscle, joint & bone density





◦Gynecology / Prostate

◦Body Composition


 # Check Up Fee (Include Consultation) : Full Test HK$1500    Simple Test HK$380

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