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Organic Mama is dedicated to promoting Natural Therapy and healthy lifestyle with no side effects, natural foods, diets, and nutritional supplements.

Natural Therapy believes that people have an innate ability to heal themselves, based on natural medicines without side effects, balanced nutrition diet, bone therapy, micro-electrotherapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, emotional therapy, etc. It would stimulate the body's immunity, eliminate toxins, conditioning the body problems, to meet the target to enhance the body. It opposes the use of drugs that have side effects on the body or treatments that do not aim at the cause of disease, such as the use of painkillers alone.


If you have any questions about your health, please contact our clinical nutrition therapist, natural therapy consultant, registered Chinese medicine practitioner.

Natural Therapy and Nutrition Consultant: Christy Ngor

Graduated from the Food and Nutrition Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After graduation, she has been engaged in the research and development of food and nutrition products. She has worked in a number of large beauty and slimming groups to guide customers to lose weight. In recent years, she has been committed to the development of organic and healthy foods, and has been invited by major institutions as nutrition lecturers, such as HSBC, AIA, ING, Baby Expo, chained Beauty Group, etc., hoping to make more people understand the importance of healthy living


B. Sc, Nutrition (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Certified Naturopathic Doctor, US (License number: 80922) 
American Naturopathic Medical Certified Board Government Accreditation (ANMCB)Profressional Member (ANMA)
Profression Clinical Nutritionist
Chinese Medicine Nutrition Certificate
Diabetes Diabetes
High cholesterol High Cholesterol level
Hyperlipidemia High Triglyceride Level
Weight Loss
Learning Disorders
Spine Adjustment

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