Bioscan Body Check

BioScan 是現今最先進及全面的身體檢查系統,透過監測細胞內分子的變化,並將數據與正常健康人體的標準作比較及進行量化分析,檢測出有否正在發展的機能失調或疾病,診斷準確率高達90%。無論是心腦血管、消化、循環、免疫、內分泌、神經系統,甚至骨骼的健康狀況都能一一反映


The process in the generation of Chronic diseases: Electron inside cell (can be detected by BioScan) -> Proton inside cell -> Cell -> Tissue (can be detected by blood test) -> Organ -> Disease

Normally, it takes around 5-7 years for the generation of chronic diseases and the case may become serious when detected. For example, tumor can be detected until it grows up to 1cm. BioScan is able to pre-screen different discomfort, deficiency and dysfunction inside cell. Therefore, prevention strategies can be taken in the early stages.

BioScan can detect items:

◦Deficiency of Vitamins, minerals, enzymes

◦Heart, Blood Vessel & Circulation


◦Liver & Gallbladder



◦Allergies(food / skin)




◦Body fat distribution

◦Radiation & Toxins

◦Heavy Metals

◦Spine, muscle, joint & bone density





◦Gynecology / Prostate

◦Body Composition





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