Consultation Test

BioScan based on the theory of Vibration Energy Medicine. With million of data bits of oscillations mimic the frequencies of medicine, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, health supplements, virus etc., these millions of vibration data were input into human body to create Vibration Matching. BioScan is designed to accurately calculate and to measure the body discomfort and Pathological Oscillation by fast & precise calculation.

The world's first rapid acceptance of food testing, including 40 kinds of food, just pumping a drop of blood, 30 minutes that the results, fast and safe!

Food is like a double-edged sword. If you eat food that is not suitable for your body, this "double-edged sword" is likely to cut yourself back and cause unnecessary harm.

While we rely on eating to absorb nutrients to sustain life, these foods may also bring us a variety of discomfort symptoms. "ImE food allergies" (IgE) and "delayed food allergies" (IgG) are becoming more common in many developed metropolitan areas.

Natural Therapy believes that people have an innate ability to heal themselves, based on natural medicines without side effects, balanced nutrition diet, bone therapy, micro-electrotherapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, emotional therapy, etc.

With respect to its contained elements, hair is essentially an excretory tissue rather than a functional tissue. Hair element analysis provides important information which, in conjunction with symptoms and other laboratory values, can assist the physician with an early diagnosis of physiological disorders associated with aberrations in essential and toxic element metabolism.

Some people originally liked the desserts very much. Some people didn't feel refreshed when they stopped drinking coffee. 

With regard to the above questions, the "DNA+" nutritional genetic test can be dismantled one by one, analyze your health genes, check whether you are "naturally pleasing", re-defining your health status, and cracking your health mystery. 

Acecgt NutriGene guides you to look deep down into DNA and reveal the tips for keeping your skin looking young forever!

Diet, genes, lifestyle and environment interact with each other every day and every minute in your body. Proper diet and lifestyle, suitable skin care products are what we can do to protect ourselves from premature aging.